Thursday, 15 March 2012

Esbat Issues - Was it the same for you?

My second E post for PBP Esbat issues!

I was really looking forward to the full moon of March because I found a recipe for Esbat cookies to make for the end of  the celebration and I was excite to try for the first really true time. Then I choked.
Why? Because I'm not quite sure on how to begin.
Growing up with repetitive church prayer I could pray easily and sometimes just in robotic unison. Our Father...
I do not want that type of relationship with my deities. I want to speak respectfully and wholeheartedly even though my god is still the same God I have always prayed to, I want to include my Goddess.This is what an Esbat is all about, connecting with moon and Goddess energy. I feel closer to her now in my mid life than ever. I'm still in Mother mode. I have had my children. I have mothered and continue to mother them, yet I look forward to creating and raising more. A garden, my business, pets & grandchildren one day. I still feel the desire to nurture and help others.
I would like to give thanks and ask for help and guidance to become what I was meant to become. Hopefully, just putting this out there will bring me the answer I need.

I would love feedback about your first time. As a solitary it is good to have this forum to connect with.

Blessings to all,

Essential Oils - Pagan use

EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm so behind. It doesn't pay to sick!

As I try to catch up to the PBP group, I am working with essential oils to make a line of Chakra candles.E for essential oil. Pagan use that is.
 I have used these gifts from plant and blossom for my soap making for many years. I have friends that are aromatherapists and rely on these oils to help their clients.
 Recently, as I wander down my Pagan path I have discovered  new ways to use essential oils and I thank the old ones before us for taking the time to journal in Herbal Grimoires, and modern pagans for keeping tradition and knowledge alive. I have collected a few excellent books on the topic from my new fav used book shop and am trying to [find the time] keep a herbal Grimoire myself.
Essential oils may be used in salt bath before ritual or new sea salt sprays to use when a bath prior to ritual isn't possible. A candle for meditation can be enhanced with the addition of an oil that you find pleasing.
 Essential oils are used for anointing candles prior to use or for spell work.
Add a bit of related oil to your dream pillow filling and extend it's life. Create a perfume spell to protect, attract or repel.
I am still learning the magickal use of each oil and how I will use them. It will be a long lesson but I am happy that my creative path has lead me by the nose. Back to work!
Blessed Be,