Saturday, 18 February 2012

Diving Deeper

I have been pretty safe lately with my blog. I think I have been using it to focus on what I know instead of what I have learned or need to know. My intention was to journal my thoughts and feelings.
As I read a bunch of interesting blogs tonight, I seemed to choose the ones that spoke to labels and titles.
I am experiencing so much information lately, not only from this project, but from two on-line courses.(In for a penny in for a pound as they say). I realized I too have been stuggling to settle in on a path. Eclectic? Always have been but is that a cop out in this case? Pagan? yes I believe so. Wiccan? Witch? I'm kind of waffling. Kitchen,cottage, garden? Yes. yes. for sure.
What do I call myself? The only thing I know with certainty right now is I am solitary. I am a creative & a herb garden lover, I am enjoying the path I am on. I'm like a child on the way to a theme park. I want to know where the ride will take me. I am full of excitement and anticipation. I am eager to take it all in and just be authentic.I want  to The real "weird" or as I like to call it Unique, me. I truly hope to find the answer at this years end so I can call myself   add title here   by Samhain.
Blessing to you and yours;

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