Friday, 3 February 2012

My first Imbolc

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant, No one was around. I just wondered if I was ready to try. It was unsure and clumsy and sort of by the book, but I know the God & Goddess were sort of smiling at my humble innocence. Once I finished, I was sure my next  time would be better.
With wonderful weather Ontario is experiencing, I chose some pretty ribbons from my stash and loosely tied the on my Magnolia tree. An offering to Bride my Goddess at Imbolc. I love this tree. It was a gift for Mother's day 13 years ago now. Appropriate, I think. For this day Crone becomes maiden and soon to be Mother.Imbolc is symbolized in the buds of my mother's day magnolia. The fuzzy little buds are changing color and just beginning  to swell.
I wait as the days warm up and the first pink pokes out from the swollen green buds that protect the delicate blossoms. It's the first tree to bloom in my back yard, followed by lilac's and roses.

Once I finished placing the ribbons and offering them, I took a walk to the compost pile and found a few branches pruned from my tree last year. I will create a nice wand for myself and a few that I hope to offer for sale on Zibbet. The magnolia is full of feminine energy. The tree is of Venus & would be wonderful for nature spells, or those that would work spells for fidelity and love, peace and harmony.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Imbolc.

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  1. A nice simple ceremony respectfully acknowledged and enjoyed. The experience of your first will no doubt give you confidence to build upon for future celebrations - MeThinks
    Blessed Be :)