Friday, 20 April 2012

Garden of Herbs

I must ask all of you who are following this blog to forgive me. I have been down and out again. They say it's the 100 day flu here in Ontario. I say it sucks.
I'm attempting to get caught up so I think I will sort of cheat and talk about plans for my new witches garden. I have purchased some herbs from Richter Herbs here in Ontario. I have seeds for mullein,mugwort,chamomile, California poppy,black hollyhock,horehound,Hyssop,vervain & rue. I already have Calendula, lemon balm,three mints,catnip,sage,three thymes and comfrey.
I would like to incorporate the herbs and flowers of English gardens to the side of our new storage shed.
I was thinking of making a circle to the side of the shed so I can grow taller plants against it and also add some art on it as well. I saw a rusty wire pentacle that could look cool.

The planting season in my zone is not until May 24th weekend. I will keep updates on this project. First the shed needs to go up so I can dig in.


Ok so the shed looks nothing like the one we were planning on, but thats fine I like the color and it is finally up, so I was able to plan and dig.

I was able to put in a few transplants but I will do most of the planting in the spring or as I come by herbs that will fit into the proper section. I found a cute red clay salamander to sit in the south (fire) quadrant.

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  1. It will be absolutly Georgous ..cant wait to see it make sure to make progressive postings!! Dont fell bak I havent been writing either but I shall caatch up -- have been reading a few interesting books. One that I think your might enjoy is called "The Sorcerers Crossing" It is non-fiction personal journey Im about half way through but it feels ....good and inspiring. Talk to you soon..Liz