Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lammas Blessings

This is my first Lammas. There are quite a few things to look back back on and be thankful, even in these few short months of my new lifestyle. I am grateful that my husband and children haven't judged my choice to follow a pagan path. I am gratefull for the acceptance of the pagan community I have found on line. I would like to thank Lady Willow Hawk for allowing me to ask questions and pick her brain. Thank you Willow <3
I will spend some time under the full moon tonight and give thanks to my lady for all she has done to inspire me on my path and for her acceptance.

I am about to make a loaf of bread for tonight's dinner of: roasted veggies [ have either picked from my garden or bought from my local farmers market], and parmesan herb encrusted chicken breast. The herbs are from the wonderful of my garden.
 As I enjoy this meal with my family, I will give thanks to my lord for his light and life that we honour at this time.


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