Saturday, 18 February 2012

Diving Deeper

I have been pretty safe lately with my blog. I think I have been using it to focus on what I know instead of what I have learned or need to know. My intention was to journal my thoughts and feelings.
As I read a bunch of interesting blogs tonight, I seemed to choose the ones that spoke to labels and titles.
I am experiencing so much information lately, not only from this project, but from two on-line courses.(In for a penny in for a pound as they say). I realized I too have been stuggling to settle in on a path. Eclectic? Always have been but is that a cop out in this case? Pagan? yes I believe so. Wiccan? Witch? I'm kind of waffling. Kitchen,cottage, garden? Yes. yes. for sure.
What do I call myself? The only thing I know with certainty right now is I am solitary. I am a creative & a herb garden lover, I am enjoying the path I am on. I'm like a child on the way to a theme park. I want to know where the ride will take me. I am full of excitement and anticipation. I am eager to take it all in and just be authentic.I want  to The real "weird" or as I like to call it Unique, me. I truly hope to find the answer at this years end so I can call myself   add title here   by Samhain.
Blessing to you and yours;

Friday, 10 February 2012

Censer PBP

My second C is for Censer's.

A censer is a vessel used for holding and burning incense. The size of  censers varies greatly as does the materials they are made from.
The spiritual or religious connotation may be depicted by the decoration on, or engraved around the bowl.
Some censers are made with chains an may be hung or carried to spread the incense smoke during a ceremony. Many censers are bowls that are open to receive the charcoal & incense or they may have a screened or grated covering. Others are simple plates.As long as the censer is prepared with a little sand or salt before the charcoal is lit and placed, the censer will be easy to clean. 

Funny story.. I bought a garage full of STUFF from a collector. I re-purpose and sell STUFF from time to time. This was some time ago before I had any knowledge of where my path was leading me. In the wack of bottles, jars, frames and   crates, I found a beautiful container with a screened top, it looked to be silver plated brass and it had lovely decoration engraved around it. I wasn't sure but I decided it had to be a floral frog, as that, in my limited knowledge was the only thing I could see using it for. I did wonder why a lovely piece would be hidden as you do with frogs, so I decided to keep it  for myself and use it for scented pot-pourri beads.
Soon after my studies  of wicca began, I realised I was presented with a special piece to use on my alter and the pretty engraving of flowers and vines spoke to me. Use me with your own bounty.

I have wonderful dried herbs that would make the sweet or pungent loose natural incense I could burn during rituals, or just as a thank you for blessings received. That was the start of incense making for me and now I am learning to make hand rolled cones.
You do not have to use charcoal and loose incense in your censer, but if you do it is worth it because the fragrance and smoke has no extra chemicals typically found in retail stores. You also control how
It took a bit of searching locally to find good charcoal to use in my censer because I didn't typically go to head shops or cigar shops because I don't smoke. I found it  at a spiritual store first and then later on line. 

The censer represents the elements of Air and is normally placed on the eastern side of the altar. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Calendula officinalis or pot marigold is a favourite herb for many reasons. It is a hardy spring annual and flowers constantly and profusely, It has daisy like flower that range in colour from soft yellow to deep dark orange. It is related to the element of fire.
Calendula originated in southern Europe and now grows world wide. Easy to grow from seed, it's quick growth and sunny blooms bring joy to the gardener.
The other bonus is if you want to share seeds, let the blooms go to seed on the plant and harvest once they are ready. A lovely gift.
Greeks and Romans used circles of "golds" in ceremonies and it is used in India to decorate Hindu deities for decades.
The name Pot Marigold comes from it's culinary uses in soup pot and beyond. It was used in German, Mediterranean and middle Eastern countries to impart flavour and colour in food. I use it in rice for colour in place of expensive saffron, and when I'm energetic and shake cream into butter, a few petals add colour like they did back in ancient times for their cheese and butter products.

Calendula is used in the craft for charms that help in legal matters, for use with other herbs to produce dream that are prophetic and is one of the Beltane herbs.

You can decorate or colour a cake or cookies with un-sprayed Calendula petals and use it in your celebration.

 I infuse oils with fresh Calendula to add to my soap bars and I grind it up to impart colour in the same soap bars. I use this wonderful herbal oil for it's healing properties in salves and oils. My dream pillows for prophetic dreams have Calendula in them and it is in many of my Tubs Tea's.

You can also use it as an additive to a pretty sun tea to enjoy after your day in the garden is done or you can try this hot tea for a pick me up:  
                                                             Your choice of green or white or rooibos tea  2 1/4 Tbsp
                                                             a slice of peach dried /dehydrated until hard
                                                             a slice 1/8" ginger root dried and 1 Tsp of dried Calendula
mix together and place in ball or pot and add hot water for 4 servings

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 3 February 2012

My first Imbolc

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant, No one was around. I just wondered if I was ready to try. It was unsure and clumsy and sort of by the book, but I know the God & Goddess were sort of smiling at my humble innocence. Once I finished, I was sure my next  time would be better.
With wonderful weather Ontario is experiencing, I chose some pretty ribbons from my stash and loosely tied the on my Magnolia tree. An offering to Bride my Goddess at Imbolc. I love this tree. It was a gift for Mother's day 13 years ago now. Appropriate, I think. For this day Crone becomes maiden and soon to be Mother.Imbolc is symbolized in the buds of my mother's day magnolia. The fuzzy little buds are changing color and just beginning  to swell.
I wait as the days warm up and the first pink pokes out from the swollen green buds that protect the delicate blossoms. It's the first tree to bloom in my back yard, followed by lilac's and roses.

Once I finished placing the ribbons and offering them, I took a walk to the compost pile and found a few branches pruned from my tree last year. I will create a nice wand for myself and a few that I hope to offer for sale on Zibbet. The magnolia is full of feminine energy. The tree is of Venus & would be wonderful for nature spells, or those that would work spells for fidelity and love, peace and harmony.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Imbolc.