Saturday, 14 January 2012

Into the garden

This is my first entry & I"m not sure were to start or who cares even but I am expanding my horizons and a bit of background is necessary.
 I was raised in a Christian family that didn't really attend church often. The obligatory times mostly. I believe in the Divine, an all mighty higher power. I have always had questions that I never asked. I pray the way I pray and that wasn't always the way everyone else prayed. I do not believe in Satan nor would I worship evil.
I have a small home based business and I create wonderful body products that are made from or coloured with herbs and flowers that I grow.

I am middle aged. I have a family and a very normal life. I have a bunch of friends that are all different from each other but they all have some form of creativity in them and that's what I find appealing about them.
One of my friends is an artist and Reiki master. A couple of months ago we ventured into the local metaphysical shoppe to see what it was all about. The owner is, among many other things a hypnotherapist and a Wiccan.
Upon entering the shoppe I felt uplifted. The warmth and fragrance that filled the air, the books and drums and crystals were all wonderful eye candy, and as my friend and the owner spoke, I lingered over the jars of herbs and the incense. I have never seen loose incense and I was interested and inspired.

On that very evening I pick up my laptop and began my search : What is Wicca?

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