Monday, 16 January 2012

"A" is for Apple

The apple is held in high esteem for the witch, for when cut  in half ( horizontally), it has a Natural Pentacle at the centre. It is the symbol of immortality and sexuality, garden magic, love and friendship. It is associated with the planet Venus.
The apple has long been used in spells of love and as part of hand fasting rites through candles infused with the blossoms. Apple juice is used as an offering to fertility deities and at Samhain (the feast of apples) to our dead that will be reborn in spring, as it is a symbol of immortality.
The blossoms make wonderful perfume, ritual cleansing salts and are excellent for use in incense as well.
 In the old recipes, apple cider was used in place of blood when called for. A wand of apple wood  is good for emotional magick.


  1. I just did a post about apples too! Great post!

    1. Hey Elle Thanks. I'll have to check yours out as well.
      It's going to take me days to read all these blogs :o


  2. Great info! I didn't know that apple cider was an acceptable substitute for blood...of course, it would makes sense considering how sacred the apple is considered. Thanks for sharing!