Friday, 20 January 2012

B blog about Blue


Colour energy and symbolism have been and still are an important part of  Pagan ritual or magick. Blue is use in many shades from indigo to light blue.
The ancient Egyptians used the blue stones Lapis lazuli to represent the sky. It represents the throat Chakra and the Third eye(Indigo) in Reiki.
There are a number of beautiful blue gemstones that many people , pagan or otherwise use to promote peace and to calm emotions. They may prove helpful to people who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from nightmares.They also offer inspiration and enhance quality of communication.
The colour blue signifies:  Tranquillity, patience, health, truth ,devotion, sincerity, Honor, loyalty, peace wisdom, justice, sincerity, healing (turquoise), femininity, prophetic dream ((blue kyanite), protection during sleep (aquamarine), astral projection.
Astrological signs:  Libra & Sagittarius
Elements:  Water and air
Deities: of  sea and sky 

Planets:  Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter

Days:   Monday, Friday, Saturday & Thursday


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    1. Thanks so much. As a new pagan I sometimes think my blog may seem a bit fluffy or to basic. It's nice to hear such kind words.